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What kind of relationship, if any, is created between customers and their cards

We are debating between using NMI and, and want to know if one gateway creates a 1:N relationship for customers and their cards by default while the other does not. This is important because we use tokenization to save customer cards, and then our support team manually charges the cards when the customer is due. Stripe had a very easy to use dashboard. Each customer had a profile, and then all the cards they added were related to that profile, ordered by date of when the card was added. We have also used Converge. With Converge, each time a customer added a card a new record was created. This was not a user friendly experience, as it became difficult to find the customers most recently added card.


Does anyone know how handles saving customers and their cards? The sample dashboard we tested wasn't for this use case, so we couldn't really tell. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Hi btomp


The profiles are stored in Authorize.Net newest to oldest and each customer profile can store up to 10 payment profiles. You may sign up for a Sandbox account here to create profiles within the Merchant Interface and see how this would appear in the UI as well as use our API Reference Guide available here to test API calls made to these profiles should you desire to do so. 


I hope this is helpful to you. 


Thank you,


Moderator Moderator

Is there any way to change the order using the API? I tried updating the default field and nothing.

Hi btomp


No, it is not possible to change the order they are returned in.