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When will payment be deducted after activating suspended subscription?

Hi Team,


I will be thankful if someone can solve my queries:-

1. Suppose I have a monthly subscription which gets suspended due to credit card expiration. I enabled the subscription again using API and updated credit card information. When will be the next payment deducted?

     a. As soon as i enabled the subscription again

     b. After one month

     c. Any other time

If answer is b, then will it deduct twice the amount or not?


2. How can I check through API, if a credit card is getting expired before next scheduled payment?


3. How can I implement discount in ARB? I suppose giving trial is a way.


4. How can I get Invoice of the payment through API?


5. I have a scenario in which user can subscribe for monthly subscription for a single month also, and later can opt in/out for future subscriptions. If I create a subscription with single occurence starting today, it will autometically expire the subscription after deducting payment. In this case, we will not be able to extent the subscription. How can we handle this scenario?