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Why are all Woocommerce integrations 5 years behind in development & features?

Why are all the integrations for Woocommerce soo behind the times in regards to development and adding new features? Not a single integration has fast checkout options using Apple Pay, Google Wallet etc. They have the absolute most basic admin control options (as compared to other integrations in the Woocommerce marketplace which have rich admin features), frontend display features are lacking, error messages are vague or non-existent... Out of all the payment gateway options for Woocommerce, any integration is by far the most disappointing. Honestly, we've decided to switch back to Square because the ROI & CTR of having fast checkout buttons actually exceeds the full percentage point we are paying more to use Square. We literally pull in 100k more a month because of fast checkout. Which is just a ridiculous situation to be in frankly.

So what is the reason integrations are too far behind the times? Is it directly related to Its developer community leadership? Or does the issue arise with companies like SkyVerge  and others who have built the integrations, hold a monopoly, and are just lazy to keep their integrations fresh and feature rich?


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