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XMLHTTP connection to API fails at .send

Just wondered if you have come across this before and if you are willing to share the solution;


I am connecting to the API using ServerXMLHTTP and it works on my test server flawless (in the sandbox) when I put it on the production server the server IIS throws the following error at the https.send request:


dim https

set https=Server.createObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0") "POST",EndPointLink,false

http.setRequestHeader "Content-Type","text/xml"

https.send strRequest




A security error occurred


I can not find any documentation as to what could cause this and what the solution is.


I have tried to figure out the differences in setup on the IIS server that works and the one that does not.


The server that can not connect to the API, it does connect fine (in https) to other sites, just not


Is there a specific port requirement, certificate, type of certificate used that could cause this issue. What is the spec for the API in regard to certificate?


I am ready to go (test is all working) but it has to work on the production server. Please Help.