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createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest without AVS?

Is there a way to create a payment transaction without an AVS check?  Since we verify AVS when each payment profile is first set up I don't see a need to re-run AVS with every subsequent transaction (we do implement CV2 for every subsequent transaction).  We do not re-send the Address and Zip so I assume that the AVS is being re-run using the data in the payment profile, and it is costing us a lot of money...


Code is below.  Any help would be appreciated. (I know this function is deprecated and can change over to the new function if that is necessary).


requestXml = "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?>" _
& "<createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest xmlns=""AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"">" _
& merchantAuthenticationXml() _
& "<transaction>" _
& " <profileTransAuthCapture>" _
& " <amount>" & amount & "</amount>" _
& " <customerProfileId>" & customerProfileId & "</customerProfileId>" _
& " <customerPaymentProfileId>" & paymentProfileId & "</customerPaymentProfileId>" _
& " <cardCode>" & CARDCODE & "</cardCode>" _
& " </profileTransAuthCapture>" _
& "</transaction>" _




Thank you for reaching out to us.


AVS checks are part of the Fraud prevention service that Authorize.Net provides.


As part of this service, we aim to protect you and your customers from fraudulent transactions, which you may or may not even recognize. In order to do this, we run AVS check on each and every  transaction, because we cannot rule out cases of phishing and identity theft.


Unfortunately, it is a case of All-or-Nothing. But rest assured, it is a wise investment to protect your business from fraud.

Developer Developer

You can customize your Fraud Detection Suite settings by going to :


2. Select Fraud Detection Suite

3. Edit your setting based on your business needs

Administrator Administrator