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iFrameCommunicator events

I've got the Accept Hosted form in an iFrame and everything is working.


One thing I've noticed is that I can't adjust the delay when a transaction is denied (incorrect address for example). It forces the user to wait 2 minutes before trying again.


What I'd like to do is capture that denied event and alert the user that they must wait 2 minutes before trying again.


I tried monitoring the params variable but beyond resize, cancel, and the transaction response, I'm not seeing any other events.


Is this possible, what am I missing?


Thank you,




@jayharland84 I have read through the article and looks like if we have allow = {right attribute name} google would still allow the iframe displayed. I am still figuring out the right value to pass from html page so that iframe can show the respective data for accept component.

Will get back to you tomorrow on this.




To continue to use permissions from iframes on your website...
This deprecation is expected to ship in Chrome M64 (around January 2018). At that time, if a cross-origin iframe attempts to use permission without the feature being explicitly allowed, a console warning will be logged and the feature will fail in a similar way as it would if a user had denied a permission prompt.
If you are a developer of a website which uses cross-origin iframes and you want those iframes to continue to be able to request/use one of the above features, the page that embeds the iframe will need to be changed. The simplest way to do that is to modify the <iframe> tag to include an allow attribute which specifies the name of the permission. For example, to enable geolocation and mic/camera for an iframe, the following would be specified:
<iframe src="" allow="geolocation; microphone; camera"></iframe>

Valid values for allow include:

  • geolocation
  • microphone
  • camera
  • midi
  • encrypted-media
Note that if the iframe which is using the permission has the same origin as the top level page, then no changes have to be made.
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Thank you, any update?

Still searching for a solution.

Still hoping to create something that can utilize a denied message.

@jayharland84 I was out of office for around a week. So, delayed in responding this thread. I have tried the IFrame sceanrio in Sandbox and found that the error message is displayed right away on the IFrame for any Processor Issue. I was talking to feature team dev-Surya about this and he is going to connect with you here.

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hi Jay,


If there is error in payment processing, the error message is displayed right above the pay button and the button should be enabled for retry. There will not be event generated in this case. However, to avoid the delay, there is an option while generating the token. Right after the <amount> element, please pass the below transactionSettings element where settingValue will determine the delay in minutes, 0 means no delay.  



Hope this helps.



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Authorize.Net Developer

I actually have attempted the IFrame sceanrio in Sandbox and observed that the error message is displayed proper away at the IFrame for any Processor Issue on my reviews page. I become speaking to function group dev-Surya about this and he goes to connect with you right here.