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no transaction id for a failed payment of ARB subscription


Our customers have ARB subscriptions. We use Transaction Reporting API daily. We fetch settled and declined payments. But for an ARB subscription we could not get a transaction in settled batch list. On merchant interface when i search for that subscription, i see that the last transaction status is"General error" but it has no transaction id. Subscription status is still active. I understand there is not an actual transaction for that reason it has no transaction id. And since it has no transaction id, i can fetch its status from the batch list. 

I have never lived an issue like that before, i don't understand why it happens but i am concentrated on how can i fix it ? Can you tell me please how my system could know that customer has a missing payment if there is no transaction for that payment ? If the system can not automatically figure out the missing payments of ARB subscriptions, what is your suggestion ?


Hello @theYunus


Is this issue happening in our production or sandbox account?  If Production, please contact customer support by phone at 877-447-3938 to get assistance.



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