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splitting integration test and Unit tests

I've inherited a load of Junit test, but these tests (apart from most not working) are a mixture of actual unit test and integration tests (requiring external systems, db etc).

So I'm trying to think of a way to actually separate them out, so that I can run the unit test nice and quickly and the integration tests after that.

The options are..

  1. Split them into separate directories.

  2. Move to Junit4 (from v3) and annotate the classes to separate them.

  3. Use a file naming convention to tell what a class is , i.e. AdapterATest and AdapterAIntergrationTest.

3 has the issue that Eclipse has the option to "Run all tests in the selected project/package or folder". So it would make it very hard to just run the integration tests.

2: runs the risk that developers might start writing integration tests in unit test classes and it just gets messy.

1: Seems like the neatest solution, but my gut says there must be a better solution out there.

So that is my question, how do you lot break apart integration tests and proper unit tests?