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test account sign up does not work

Filling out the page for a test account yeilds a blank grey screen when it's posted.  I get the welcome email and can login.  However when I try to get a gateway key it asks me what my pets name is... which it never asked me in the signup process.  I answered it, just in case there's a psychic pet name interface I'm unaware of, but not surprisingly.. IT DID NOT WORK   I then tried user profile, change security question.. but it asks the same pet name question to do that.  I have tried waiting up to 20 minutes, different browsers... IE, FF & chrome to get past the blank page..  Clean, never been used before email addresses.  Making sure I entered everythign perfect the first time through the signup page...  Trying lost username and lost password links to reset things, but they ask for my pets name as well.  I even had a friend in a different town try it for giggles...  


Go ahead and try it, it's kind of fun and amusing if you're not trying to get anything accomplished.... WHATS THE DEAL AUTH.NET????  And more importantly, why doesn't the live gw just have a way to issue declines when it is sent transactions in test mode?  You do know your trigger zipcodes are REAL zipcodes for Indianapolis!!!   Whats the matter with 99999?


pet name answer is here.


why doesn't the live gw just have a way to issue declines when it is sent transactions in test mode?

When in test mode there is no transaction generated.


Hello Henry,


Our web team is looking into the issue you reporting with the test account creation page.



Administrator Administrator



The test account creation form should be working again.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.