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transHashSha2 is not in the API transaction response



I received the notification about transHash being replaced by transHashSha2. I updated to the latest SDK (1.9.9) but I still don't get a value in the transHashSha2 field. I am calling 


against the sandbox and the transaction response contains a value for transHash but the transHashSha2 field value is an empty string. I have double checked and I already have generated a signature key in the sandbox. What am I missing? 


Has anyone using the API figured out how to get the amount from the response? The upgrade guide text is posted below. Can someone tell me how to grab the information in the third bullet point? I can successfully pull the transId element from the createTransactionResponse using response.transactionResponse.transId , but when I use response.transactionResponse.amount I get the error, "Public member 'amount' on type 'createTransactionResponse' not found".  What is the syntax for extracting the amount from the createTransactionResponse ?


Step 3. Create a message string that starts with a caret ("^"), followed by the following three fields delimited by carets, and terminated with another caret:
•    The API Login ID that you send in createTransactionRequest in the name element.
•    The transaction ID that we send in createTransactionResponse in the transId element.
•    The transaction amount that we send in createTransactionResponse in the amount element.

You will not get an amount in the response object. You want to use the amount of the transaction hard coded in, rather than pulling it from the response.

So their upgrade guide is incorrect? It cleary says to use  "The transaction amount that we send in createTransactionResponse in the amount element."


So just use the amount I'm sending to them?

Yep it’s wrong. So if your app has a variable called amount that you pass in the transaction, you just plop that variable into your string. I’ve had mine tested and working for 2 or 3 weeks.

Are you by chance using the sandbox in test mode? Not sure what else would cause that.

@Renaissance no, my sandbox is in live mode.

@JenHaga your question should've probably been a separate post as it's not related to my issue.


What language and integration method are you using?

@Renaissance I am calling 


in Java using the anet-java-sdk version 1.9.9.