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transHashSha2 not present in API response

I have configured the signature key in my Sandbox account.  On the "API Credentials & Keys" account setting page, I see "Signature Key Last Obtained:" with the timestamp of when I configured it, so it seems like it really is set.


I am using the API Live Console to try the API transaction here:


The response contains "<transHashSha2 />" - no value.


I know the API credentials used in the test are the correct credentials b/c I see the transaction appear in the "Unsettled Transactions" list of the same sandbox account where I configured the signature key.


Is there some additional setting I need to configure to get the new hash value to be returned?


Additional Info...


I see a similar result when using JSON with the test, except transHashSha2 is an empty string.



    "createTransactionRequest": {
        "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": "redacted",
            "transactionKey": "redacted"
        "refId": "123456",
        "transactionRequest": {
            "transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",
            "amount": "19.66",
              "profile": {
    		  	"customerProfileId": "1506827642",
    		  	"paymentProfile": { "paymentProfileId": "1506185517" }


    "transactionResponse": {
        "responseCode": "1",
        "authCode": "DEXXRV",
        "avsResultCode": "Y",
        "cvvResultCode": "P",
        "cavvResultCode": "2",
        "transId": "60117143359",
        "refTransID": "",
        "transHash": "366C3EAC47213A70487C7184EC69957A",
        "testRequest": "0",
        "accountNumber": "XXXX4349",
        "accountType": "Visa",
        "messages": [
                "code": "1",
                "description": "This transaction has been approved."
        "transHashSha2": "",
        "profile": {
            "customerProfileId": "1506827642",
            "customerPaymentProfileId": "1506185517"
        "SupplementalDataQualificationIndicator": 0
    "refId": "123456",
    "messages": {
        "resultCode": "Ok",
        "message": [
                "code": "I00001",
                "text": "Successful."

Again, this is using API Live Console at the following URL:


Hi @mroberts 


For getting transHashSHA2in the response you need to generate a signatureKey first in you Merchant Interface. Then you will start receiving the transHashSHA2.


You can refer to this hash upgrade guide for more details:



Hope this Helps!



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Authorize.Net Expert

@kikmak42I have followed that document and obtained a signature key already.  If I go to Account -> Settings -> API Credentials & Keys, I see: "Signature Key Last Obtained: 02/22/2019 10:43:00"


Additionally, when I obtained the key, it did provide me with the 128-char hex string key.


Unfortunately, after following the steps outlined in that document, I am still not getting transhHashSha2 in my responses.



Another update...

As stated previously, I am using the API here to charge a customer profile (previously stored card):


With some more testing, I found that using the API to charge an "ad-hoc" card (not using CIM profiles), I DO get the transHashSha2 value in that response:


Is it expected that charging cards stored in customer profiles NOT return the new transHashSha2 value?

Hello @mroberts 


I've escalated this to a support specialist working on the MD5 project.



Worked fine for me.  Are you sure you used Admin and not live or using the live login id/transaction key?

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@mroberts  We've duplicated the issue you reported where transactions using customer profiles are not returning teh SHA2 response.


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Ah! It is the Customer Profile version.  I accidently clicked on some different menu item and went back and tried a regular charge.


Thanks @RichardH 


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Thanks @RichardH!  What are the odds this gets fixed in sandbox by March 7 or production by March 14?  Trying to figure out what our options will be when the MD5 is no longer returned.