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unable to get declined transaction response details in accept hosted payment API

Hi Team,

We are implementing Accept Hosted API and we are facing below issues while doing unit testing.

1. We have performed the Credit card payment of $70.03. However, we have received $70.04 in response. Please check the below request and response parameters and suggest.

Request parameter:

{"x_login":"9Jx499mT9QAC","x_amount":70.03,"x_description":"Credit Card Transaction","x_invoice_num":null,"x_fp_sequence":"909","x_fp_timestamp":"1599730002","x_fp_hash":"920A411C6CA8167C5FDEA09F4022F08CA2E7ED1FBAF11B13DE836C06C17A87515830A1D5AB65E572AAE93C4E3C1572BDF62862583BC540A4B1B377A247C7A145","x_type":"AUTH_CAPTURE","x_version":"3.1","x_quote_no":null,"app_no":null,"policy_no":"R-2900195659","renew_no":"1","x_method":"CC","x_test_request":"FALSE","x_show_form":"payment_form","x_first_name":"TEST","x_last_name":"RCC","x_address":"SDSD,SDSD","x_city":"AVENEL","x_state":"NJ","x_zip":"07001","x_country":null,"x_phone":"","x_fax":null,"x_email":"","x_domain":null,"x_sourcePortal":null,"x_merchant_order_no":"6337899","x_cust_id":"6337899","payer_userId":null,"x_relay_response":"TRUE","portal_hash":null,"x_relay_url":"","basePath":"http://172...."}

Response Parameter:

"transaction": {
"transId": "40054276233",
"submitTimeUTC": "2020-09-10T10:26:25.733Z",
"submitTimeLocal": "2020-09-10T03:26:25.733",
"transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",
"transactionStatus": "capturedPendingSettlement",
"responseCode": 1,
"responseReasonCode": 1,
"responseReasonDescription": "Approval",
"authCode": "BVMC56",
"AVSResponse": "Y",
"cardCodeResponse": "P",
"authAmount": 70.04,
"settleAmount": 70.04,
"taxExempt": false,
"payment": {
"creditCard": {
"cardNumber": "XXXX1111",
"expirationDate": "XXXX",
"cardType": "Visa"
"recurringBilling": false,
"customerIP": "",
"product": "Card Not Present",
"marketType": "eCommerce",
"networkTransId": "W9THZAJES09XG1DF3TUZEJ3"
"clientId": "accept-hosted",
"messages": {
"resultCode": "Ok",
"message": [
"code": "I00001",
"text": "Successful."

2. When we are getting any type of error then it is being displayed on the screen itself. Hence we are not able to get this transaction response details for declined/duplicate transaction in our system. Could you please provide a way to read the response in case of any error from into our system.

3. Also, user is able to click on Pay button multiple times even after the transaction is declined at first attempt. For Example, if the transaction is declined and if we click again on Pay button then it shows the message as Duplicate Payment transaction. Please suggest.