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webhook, called by sandbox or production?

Using Accept.js option 2 and the sandbox server I was able to get a token and then complete a  transaction using the createTransactionRequest API. To complete the processing I need done I wrote webhook code, configured it into my sandbox Merchant Interface, and got it working. Next up was to get my code working on the production server by switching my CodeConstants.php / AcceptUI.js script / controller constants from sandbox to production, and I have it working. What I now want to do is merge the code for sandbox and production, and thus by adding a parameter to my URL it uses the sandbox server and without the parameter it uses the production server.


The problem I'm having is my webhook code doesn't know which server is calling it. Is there a way to tell?

1) Perhaps the webhook code is executed by IP address A for sandbox and is IP address B for production (or a range of IP addresses for each type)?

2) In looking at the headers I see a 'X-Opnet-Transaction-Trace' and when I dumped it it started with a '7' but am not sure if that was sandbox or production. Perhaps sandbox begin with an 'X' and production begin with a 'Y'?