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Network Change Notification - Expiring Certificate Update

This change only applies to merchants whos website or payment application uses Authorize.Net’s APIs.


Authorize.Net will be renewing an expiring leaf certificate. Because of industry changes in certificate expirations, this type of update may happen more than once a year, depending on the need. With this update, there is no change to the root or intermediate certificates. This change is transparent if your site or application is set up to trust Entrust’s root and intermediate certificate, which is recommended. If it is set up to require trusting of a new leaf certificate, you must install or trust the new leaf certificate prior to the update dates listed below. It is not recommended to require trusting, due to the possibility of expiring and changing leaf certificates.


Certificate Update Scheduled: 03/02/2021 - 03/03/2021 for both Sandbox and Product.


For more details and information on obtaining the necessary certificates, please refer to our support article: How do I obtain Authorize.Nets Certificate for my host/solution provider?

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