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New Colorful Avatars Available Now

So we heard from a lot of you (and a lot of us agreed :smileyhappy:) that the monochromatic brown avatars were kind of, well, meh. We checked with the powers that be and they were able to provide us with some more colorful ones, which are available now. If you would like to update your avatar, once you've logged in, click My Settings. Then select Avatar and choose a new avatar from any of the available collections.


Now if you happen to be quite attached to your current brown avatar, never fear! You can keep it. But just know that if you select one of the new, colorful ones, you will not be able to get your old brown one back. We were hoping to be able to provide both the colorful ones and the brown ones, but that will not be available for a little while. So for now, you can keep your existing avatar, update to a colorful one, or link to your own external avatar once you've acheived the rank of Member or above.





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