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New Payment Form Customization Options

We are pleased to introduce new customization options for the Authorize.Net hosted payment form. These enhancements will allow you to better integrate the payment form and receipt page to the look and feel of your merchants' websites.

You can now customize the section heading text as well as the body text, including font type, style, size and color. You can select from a range of colors provided, or enter a color code to display a specific color.

To customize the payment form and receipt page using the new options:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar
  3. Click Payment Form under Transaction Format Settings
  4. Click Color and Font Settings
  5. Make any necessary changes
  6. Click Preview to see how your changes will look or click Submit to save your changes
  7. If at any time you would like to revert to the default payment gateway settings, select Reset Defaults.

We hope these changes will help create a more seamless transaction experience for your merchants' customers. 





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