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Authorize.Net Certification Programs

Every day, Authorize.Net refers thousands of merchants looking for integration services and payment solutions to our Developer Directory and Certified Solution Directory to find qualified partners. Achieving Authorize.Net Certification provides instant credibility for your business and helps differentiate you from your competitors. Get started by partnering with Authorize.Net and learn more about our certifications:


Feel free to ask certification-related questions here within the community, or you may email


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Hai Richard,


i am making an application to satisfy teh needs to become the partner of, I made some codes as its needed. Created an application towards Simple INVOICE bill payment. Which works with AIM method satisfying AUTH_CAPTURE, AUTH_ONLY, PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE, VOID, CREDIT. functions which result in Successful transaction in my test account. What is the next step i should take towards the next phase.


1)  Do i need a MERCHANT ACCOUNT,

2)  Should i do the eCheck.Net WEB AUTH_CAPTURE


to satisfy all needs towards the Affiliate Solution Partner needs of




As mentioned above, Authorize.Net offers two very different types of certifications: 


The Authorize.Net Cerfified Developer currently requires that you complete the online application and provide a reference from a successful client implementation.  We do not require that you obtain a merchant account.


If you ware building a commercially available solution, not a custom integration, you may also wish to complete solution certification.  In this case, there are specific steps and functions you must perform that are outlined at the link above.




Thanks for your replay,


i need some clarification from u more deeeply in this topic.

my quries are very much needed in my process.


First of all i created an integration to a client web site with froms using php SDK. It ensures 6 main cases as stated in the PDF document towards the completion of Solution Certifiaction. I am sending the data from the the form towards the libraries in the SDK by oops cncept. Now i am getting successful messages, mails and reports in my inbox and test account. So will it be enough to apply for an Solution Certification.


Second about the merchant account,


in the CNP pdf required fields table


x_test_request TRUE, FALSE          Note: Set to FALSE for certification.           5 Indicates a test transaction.


such of a decription is given. Thats why i am confused in TEST ACCONUT and MERCHANT ACCOUNT.


Please provide the needed feedback and further moves i should make.


Help from all hands are accepted..

To me, the solution certificationis for something like, where you can just buy(or free), download and get it running without custom code change.



i have just gone through the link u given. It seemed good. But as of u know, i already created an appication. i Want help in clarifying will it be enough to Apply for the Authorize Developer Partner Certification program.  its been said in the document as i only need to "apply with the url and transaction details" for the team to test and certify.


Pls help me to this reference.



Help from all hands are accepted.

the url is the website that you created where can test your application.

If you have completed the online application, you must first sign and return the partner agreement via fax.


Once that is done, you will receive detailed instructions on what is required depending if you applied to be a certified developer, or if you wish to complete solution certification.



Thanks Richard,


i am about to apply for the certification. Before that i need details of the application procedure. what all details should i provide for the purpose.


1)  The url of my application.

2)  Language in it is done

3)  A signed copy of whole Testing Criteria Guide.

4)  A signed partner agreement.


In this the Testing Criteria Guide should Contain the information about the Transaction ID, Date and Time of Successfully tested Transactions in AUTH_CAPTURE, AUTH_ONLY, PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE, eCheck, VOID, CREDIT methods.


I have done the application in AIM with MOTO type integration for No Credit Card present version where i am not saving any Customer important Datas. I am supplying the form directly to functions in the SDK.


Is all this satisfactory to apply for the Developer Partner Certification. Or do i need more.


I am doing all these in the test account and in test mode.



Help from all hands are accepted..