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Saved Payments - Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Hello all!We have a cartridge for SFRA, all works fine on Checkout, except Saved Payment methods.The problem with saved CC is missing Billing Address in transaction requests.The thing is that, when we're saving CC, we're sending a request to the Auth...

Member Validation

Hello. I'm integrating "Accept Suite" API to place order. Is there a way to get clear error message for a customer if he entered and I sent invalid data, during creating payment transaction. Currently I'm getting message like -"Payment: The 'AnetApi/...

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Payment Events

Would like code examples for "net.authorize.payment.refund.created" events and for "net.authorize.payment.void.created" events.

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Normalization of the dataset with two primary keys

I have an assignment to normalize a dataset and design a schema in MySQL. Two attributes are unique identifiers for each tuple (that is, they are each primary keys in their own right). How do I satisfy lossless decomposition? I'm thinking of making a...