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credit card payment transaction clarification

I am trying to integrate credit card payment by existing customer profile/payment profile. TransactionType will be "authCaptureTransaction" , and I am bit unclear if and when I should use "processingOptions" in my request payload. Any clarification w...

Continuous Integration for Ruby on Rails?

HiI've been searching around for a Continuous Integration solution for Ruby on Rails, but haven't been too pleased with the results. I came from a .NET shop that used CruiseControl.NET and was really spoiled with its ease of use and rich status/repor...

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We are using Authorize.Net to process payments for our client on our web application.Occasionally (reported twice in 3 weeks), the client makes the payment and sees the processing wheel spinning, but then nothing happens - it appears to be a time out...

Stress testing Web API

HiI was hoping to get some direction or advice with regards to some trouble I'm having with trying to do some stress testing against a Web API for a client. It is a RESTful WEB API that I'm testing against. I've been creating a list of Tasks that run...

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