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API Returns 403 for some but not all endpoints

Hi, I'm using a sandbox environment and I'm trying to generate a payment using an existing token, but am getting a 403 error.  I tried the following things.

First, I have generated a REST Shared Secret key, and using both HTTP Signature as well as a p12 certificate, my calls to seem to work either way.  I've even been able to generate payments with a credit card.

I manually generated a subscription within the ebc2test admin UI.  No issues... it gives me a valid customer number to work with, does the charges correctly, etc.

Now to the API endpoints I may want to use.  I decided to start with a simple "Get a subscription" since nothing else seemed to be working.  I changed the parameter correctly to have the correct subscription number i.e. (obscured here) and I get the following response:

"submitTimeUtc": "2023-04-30T06:17:25.755Z",
"status": "FORBIDDEN",
"reason": "INVALID_DATA",
"message": "Authorization Failure!",
"details": []

What I don't get is why some endpoints seem to get a 403 and some don't with the exact same values for authorization.  Any ideas?




For anyone following this thread, I have emailed their developer support using this form and will post a follow-up presuming something useful comes back from them.