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Can I use my test environment merchant ID and keys to test a flex microform post?

I'm getting started understanding what's required for Cybersource's Flex Microform integration. But to start with, I'm hoping to be able to see a valid response using my merchant ID, shared secret key and the general key that comes with generating the secret on the cybersource api reference page:

This is using the HTTP Signature method and ChasePaymentech (default) processor.

If I use the default settings they supply and choose to do a test POST to here

The JSON response is good with no complaints of authentication.

If I try to do the same POST with my test environment merchant ID and keys I generated in my merchant environment here: /omeglz /echat the POST response will return a 401 with this JSON:

"response": {
    "rmsg": "Authentication Failed"

Is this site a valid place to perform this kind of test? Are there any other steps I need to do in the merchant account to have this Authenticate?

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Additionally, this tutorial should be helpful:

Developer educational content - In this video, you will learn how to integrate Flex Microform into a webpage. This will allow you to accept payment information in a PCI SAQ fashion, mitigating much of your PCI exposure. At Cybersource, we know payments. We helped kick start the eCommerce ...
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