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Integrating a websocket interface to a REST API


I have this rather simple API for a platform that allows users and some minor data to be created along with submitting financial operations that change states, have some calculations going on, get accepted, rejected and/or executed. These orders are seen in a table on the front-ended side. So far so good.

But now I've been told we need some form of persistent connection so that this data the end users see on the screen is updated in real time. Now of course this can't be done with the current request-response system we have. I've looked up about websockets and they are fine but I'm not sure how to integrate them into what I already have since everything down to the protocole is different.

Do I have to create a separate application that runs in parallel with the REST API for this data to flow? That doesn't look feasible since changes on the REST API side will not be seen in real time by the side that runs the websocket