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Magento 2 & Cybersource payment invalid field for duplicated product categories

I'm using cybersource Payment gateway for my Magento 2 install, the gateway require some Merchant Data fields to be populated with the oeder, one of the fields is the product category, currently i'm using the below method:

   $name = $categories = [];
            foreach ($order->getAllVisibleItems() as $_item) {                    
                array_push($name, $_item->getName());
                $product = $this->productModel->load($_item->getProductId());
                $cats = $product->getCategoryIds();
                foreach($cats as $cat){
                    $category = $this->categoryModel->load($cat);
                    array_push($categories, $category->getName());

Then i'm calling the category using

                'product_category' => implode(',', $categories),

but the issue is, when i'm creating an order with more than one product from the same category lets say 3 products from the same category, it show in the response the categories 3 times, and in this way i receive an error in cybersource that the product category fields has an invalid value.

how to show only the product category only one time?