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cybersource-rest-client These dependencies were not found (Vue.js)

I am trying to create a new app in vue.js. Basically just wanting the same output from cybersource microform node. /echatspin /echatrandom 

In my vue project main.js

import cybersourceRestApi from '../node_modules/cybersource-rest-client';

var instance = new cybersourceRestApi.KeyGenerationApi(configObj);

I am encountering an error with its dependencies. There's a lot missing but here's first 3 examples

  • ApiClient in ./node_modules/cybersource-rest-client/src/index.js
  • api/CaptureApi in ./node_modules/cybersource-rest-client/src/index.js
  • api/ConversionDetailsApi in ./node_modules/cybersource-rest-client/src/index.js Error

As we are also not finding these depending in the account which we are using for as we tried our best to do it. Also our developer tried to make it through custom codes. Although those coding and scripting is working for us. But for ease we are using another account which have dependances.