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3-D Secure support among APIs?

Is 3-D Secure supported by any of the APIs?  I'm specifically interested in CIM.


Also, are gateway-hosted forms available for CIM?


I haven't try it, but email to request it on the test account.

Ahah! Found the setting in the interface. It's under Account -> Security Settings -> Cardholder Authentication. Once I check the "I am enrolled in Verified by Visa" and "I am enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode", then the transaction was approved. 


Thanks for your help!

Hi guys,

I am currently integrating 3d secure pin in our website. What I don't understand is, what is the necessity to pass the 3d secure verification response details to AIM? I understand that we integrate with one of the 4 providers for 3d pin - and they respond with authentication indicator and authentication value. I suppose these two values would indicate by themselves if the cardhoder is authenticated or not, am I right?


My question is, will passing those values to AIM make any difference to the fact that the cardholder is authenticated or not? Could we not just decide even before passing these values to AIM to deny the transaction, if the cardholder is not authenticated, based on the values returned from the 3d secure service provider?