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3D Secure test cards produce unexpected results.

I'm following the guide here: implement and test 3D Secure / Payer Authentication, but I'm finding that if I try to combine services, as it suggests I do, then every card is simply giving a status of AUTHORIZED instead of PENDING_AUTHENTICATION, AUTHENTICATION_FAILED, or AUTHENTICATION_SUCCEEDED.

I'm using the /pts/v2/payments endpoint to combine enrolment checking with authorization, but it seems to automatically authorize every card I try instead of prompting for authentication. I'm including an ActionList with CONSUMER_AUTHENTICATION but the results for every card are the same.

Alternatively, I could use the /risk/v1/authentications endpoint, and that does give the expected results, but I'm not sure how to complete the capture with those.


Also, having tested further, calling the authentication check enrolment service separately also does not behave as expected. Every single ard is giving "AUTHENTICATION_SUCCESSFUL" as the response to checking enrolment, including those that are supposed to fail authentication and those that are supposed to require step-up authentication.

What's going on? In 15 years' development I've never encountered such poor documentation and pathetic customer support as Cybersource.