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8 hours into 15 minute SIM quick start and still no payment page

I am using .NET MVC 3 / C#.


I signed up for a developers account.  Can't login.  Called and was told that does not work.


Downloaded SDK.  It is an MVC 1 version so will not work.  Fixed MVC syntax and it generates bad HTML.  Called and they said that is not a working piece of code and I should use C# example.


Downloaded C# example.  It is an asp form, but translated it to MVC 3 and built a simple form post.  After post, my relay page is shown with no errors but a payment page was never rendered.


1) Has anyone ever got SIM to work?

2) Do you have anyone advice for me?




Hey robertbell,


Thanks for brining this to our attention. I'm forwarding your issue on to our development teams, but in the meantime, you may want to look at simply using our sample code and API guides to implement SIM on your systems rather than using the SDK.





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