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A very simple VB example of the DPM

Totally new to this. I have been looking for a very SIMPLE example of a ASPX.NET vb example for letting my back office staff make credit card payments (card not present)

There MUST be one someplace I can look at.


And pointing me to c# links does me no good at all.






The link was for c# but the answer is the same.

Instead of downloading the C# sample code, download the VB SIM sample code


I have looked for that link before and again now. Where I see the c# sample I see no VB samples. Also.. is this the example that requires the system.web.mvc installed?

Finally found the sample. However..still looking for a true code-behind example using the standard web controls

and NOT the html controls. We already have the whole back-office section up and going and just want to add a control button

to build the data string to send up to Authorize. And then using a postback to give office people either a thumbs up or a thumbs

down for the transaction.

Anyone have something like this floating around? Actually .. just the code-behind using WC vs Html.







What you descript is AIM, not DPM, which they have sample code in

All in all not really helpful. Opened more questions than it solved.



Read this to see which API you are trying to use and read the doc

Or you can hire a Certified Developer