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AIM - Add donate button with custom fields on html page



I am using AIM to put a donate button on a non profit site.  I have downloaded the SDK for php and uploaded it to the www folder.  I created the aim_test.php code, uploaded it to my web server and everything looked good.


Now, what do I do next to get it on my site?


I would like a simple HTML page that asks for the donation amount and one custom text field so people can type some text to where they want the donation to go to.  


Thanks for any help!



What is your experience with HTML? As far as the PHP part of the integration goes, that part should be relatively simple - just look at the AIM.markdown file in the doc folder of your SDK and it will give you plenty of example code. You just need to have a form submit to a page and then fill in your values from $_POST.


Note, incidently, that you may eventually run into problems using AIM because the credit card data passes through your site on its way to, and the credit card companies are getting more and more **edited** about security. You may want to consider implementing SIM instead, which is somewhat more complicated to set up but has the credit card data filled in through a form on, or DPM, which also sends to but lets you put the form on your site.