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AIM Authorize for funds

Hi -


I'm working with the Authnet SDK / AIM / PHP using a developer account in live mode.


I am able to get the code itself working using AuthorizeOnly() but it's not validating what I want.


I am trying to get it to authorize based on funds available. If I only have $5 available and I try to charge $10, it should fail. Is this possible? How can I accomplish this? I'm not familiar with banks/payments/gateways...


Also, how can I enable AVS on my developer account? I see where to do it on another clients live account, but I'd like to test it out, if possible, before starting up a new live account.


Thanks so much in advance!


Developer accounts come with everything turned on. If it isn't showing in your control panel, it's probably not available on test accounts. I'd go take a look at mine, but for some reason it's not letting me log in - have to give a call Monday.


As for authorization - given that authorization reserves the amount specified for 7 days or until it's captured, whichever comes first, it should give back an insufficient funds error if you try to authorize more than the credit card has available. Are you saying it isn't doing that on a production account? Obviously, using a sandbox account or test mode isn't going to work the same way, since the transaction isn't actually being processed against a real credit card.


Just FYI, I was logging into the wrong area, been too long since I used my test account. So never mind on that, if a mod is reading this.

Hmm... I was thinking it may be because it's a developer account... but I've been testing as live and with my credit card (don't know if that matters). I do an AUTH_ONLY for 20000.00 (which is higher than my credit limit) and it is a success.


As for logging in, where do I login? I couldn't find the developer login screen... :smileyindifferent:


Thank you for your help!!

If you're using a production account in live mode, you shouldn't be able to authorize more than your credit card balance. If it's letting you do that, and it's showing up with that number in your control panel, then something is wrong with


For logging into sandbox:

Thanks, I'll take a look a bit later... I'm wondering if my credit card allows me to charge more so they can hit me with fees? Is that something they do? HA... Such a pessimist... Happy Thanksgiving

For test/developer account, the login is

Developer account do NOT do real transaction(not going to the processor), that why you can authorize more than your real CC#. It just simulate the real transaction.


I should have  mentioned that I have run an AUTH_ONLY on a live/real account (via another client's site) and it went through. I do see on the real account where I can error out for AVS, but I don't see anything for funds... And I can't keep using the other client's live account for my testing...

Odd. Looking through my list of error codes I don't see a mention of anything for insufficient funds. I would think that that would be a logical error to have. I'd like to hear a dev weigh in on this.

In general, card issuers don't provide any detail as to why an authorization is declined.  The only information sent back to us is whether the given amount was approved on the given card.  Insufficient funds will just be presented as a "general decline".