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AIM Response String Amount Error During Multi-items Transaction

Array - responseCode: 1 |reasonCode: 1 |reasonText: This transaction has been approved. |authorizeCode : JZCO7D
avsCode: Y |transactID: 2160310583 |invoiceNum: nam test 5, |Desc: Test Event|Amount:
payMethod: 2163.00|transactType: CC |cardCode: 88DDB116D5A46E6E8D77218111B28BB1 |holderCode:


Compare to


Array - responseCode: 1 |reasonCode: 1 |reasonText: This transaction has been approved. |authorizeCode : T1QVF9
avsCode: Y |transactID: 2160310568 |invoiceNum: nam test 5, |Desc: UFC 131 - 11Jun11|Amount: 1560.00
payMethod: CC|transactType: auth_capture |cardCode: |holderCode: 2


Check the raw AIM output with your x_delim_char and x_encap_char setting.

Look to me that the Desc have a x_delim_char in the text. and push everything one field down.


So that mean I have to write different code for multi-item transaction than the single-item transaction?  I thought that this is response string error!  Should return the same response string for both type of transactions?

AIM return a delimited string(that why I said to look at the raw response) and the post inputs value.

If the x_description or any other fields that get response back from the AIM have the delimited chararcter it will mess up the sequence.