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AIM Soap Endpoint?



Is AIM available through SOAP?  I only see documentation around the AIM XML API, and I really want to use SOAP like I do for CIM and Transaction Details.  


For example, for CIM/Transaction Details, I use the endpoint and it's working great.  I'm able to get the SOAP Request/Response and re-run the requests through SoapUI.


However, I don't see CreateTransactionRequest() in the WSDL:

Of course, I can call CreateCustomerProfileTransaction(), but I want to be able to also create a transaction without a customer profile using SOAP.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated, such as AIM Soap Documentation and endpoint.


Thank you.



@dnsBuffaloNY I confirmed that right now SOAP only supports a subset of the Authorize.Net API. We do have plans on extending the SOAP flavor of the API to cover more calls in the near future, however. We should be making a post in the Developer Community blog when we do.

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