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AIM VOID Transaction Response Code 3 Reason Description "Unknown"


We are working with Authorize.Net from last couple of years with AIM and JAVA SDK.
We have card not present test account to collect recurring payments. We store card details after successfully verification.

For card verification we basically authorize customer for a $1.00 then void it once the transaction got successful.
It was working properly without any issues but recently it started showing this issue.

While testing we found that authorization for $1 happens successfully but the transaction failed for void with

response code is 3, and the response reason Code is 0 and Reason Description showing as 'Unknown'.

The sandbox account shows, the card has been authorized successfully for $1 as expected. As we are not voiding the transaction this $1 will be part of unsettled transaction on sandbox account.

What could be the issue in this case? Why first transaction got successful and second transaction failed?

Any help on this will be appreciated.

I'm not familiar with any circumstances in that a response reason code of "0" would be returned. Can you provide any more information about how you are submitting the request? Are you perhaps using a toolkit that is returning a code of 0 as some sort of default value?
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