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AIM - how to test recurring transactions?

How can I issue a recurring transaction that would otherwise just happen at the end of the next month manually? I need to test recurring transactions that were created with AIM.


Hi burzum,


It isn't actually possible to create a recurring transaction using the Advanced Integration Method (AIM). You will need to check ARB API for subscription based transactions. Once a subscription is created and active it is not possible to modify the date so you cannot force it to run at a different time, you would just have to run a second independent transaction for that.




Administrator Administrator

Yes, you're right, it is ARB, But however, if I get you right right I'll receive only one silent post immediatly after the ARB API call was made and then the next one would appear after X when the card gets charged the next time and I can not issue it manually before the card would gets charged again?


But to get this tested I should be able to mock a post in my unit tests that would come back from the API to test it, right?

There simply is no way to cause either our test or production systems to arbitrarily simulate a silent post.  For the purposes of your unit tests, I would recommend recording a post at the time that it is sent and echoing it to yourself whenever you are looking to test.  I also want to point out that there is no silent post sent at the time of subscription creation, it is only sent when the first transaction is processed as a part of that subscription.