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AIM with java, SSL error, PKIX path building failed

We are using AIM integration to submit transactions to gateway. We have custom-written Java code that initiates SSL connection to the gateway. This integration had been working for a few years now without issues but recently we started to get intermittent SSL handshake errors - PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Is this indication that certificate is not found in the local keystore? (strange that this is intermittent) which exact certificate should be there, one from  ?



thanks for your help



Not familiar with Java. But if it failing to connect to AIM the url is

It do sound like the cert keystore need to be updated.


You mention this happens irregularly. About what frequency of the time does this occur?

Also, do you have a stack trace for the times it does occur?

You may find this information useful--it provides a Java program that connects to a secure URL, and if the SSL session fails because of an inability to find a valid certification path, the program will then help you install the needed certificate.


But even if the program helps you, I would really like to see the stack trace--which the program helpfully provides--and get an idea of how often this happens. Thanks.

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