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ANET Hosted Form PaymentProfile cannot be sent with billing data.

Using HOSTED PAYMENT FORM against the Production's environment we're receiving the following exception:


PaymentProfile cannot be sent with billing data.


This was working without hiccups against the sandbox.


Which could be the source of the issue.  We're seeing clearly that once presented the hosted form shows the available payment methods under the passed customer's profile.


Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided,




I posted about the same issue in this thread:


Still waiting for a response.

Mr. Anurag/Admin


Curious, If you have an update on this issue ?


I am having a problem, where our client is able to add their ACH Bank information along with their billing infomation in "getHostedProfilePageRequest". When they are trying to make a payment using the above saved ACH Banking profile, they are seeing the following error. 

"PaymentProfile cannot be sent with billing data."

I am passing the following setting. 

var hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions = new settingType
settingName = "hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions",
settingValue = "{\"show\": true, \"required\": false}"

Thanks in advance. 



Our dev team has already resolved this issue and this problem will be gone after our next release.

We will try to have the next release as soon as possible.


Currently, if you are sending <getHostedPaymentPageRequest> with <customerProfileId>, which means you want to allow the user to pay with profile, you cannot send <billTo> information or set "show" = true in hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions. Otherwise, if user choose to pay with profile, "PaymentProfile cannot be sent with billing data" will show on the page.


That is, pay with profile currently cannot co-exist with "billing" information.

But, after our next release, all the settings will be working without any problem.


Hopefully this helps! And thank you for your patiance and support!






Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer



Any idea of the timing for that release?




Hi @scottmun


We are targetting the release   by early May as its bundled with other Accept Suite updates  . 


Will keep the thread  posted as we get near the release . 



Send feedback at


Thank you. It can't come soon enough. We're trying to release, but can't without the ability to save more than 1 payment profile.



Hi @angie and/or @Anurag,


It's early May. Any word on the release of this fix? We also can't deploy until the issue is resolved.



Scott (a different one)


Hi @scottnes1


We got some secruity/env road bumps along the way  for the release and right now its looks to be end of May/start of June . 


Rest assured this is top priority from the team release it earliest  . 



Let me know if any questions or reach out at 




Send feedback at

Thanks, @Anurag. I understand, but it's disappointing.

Hi again @Anurag,


Any update on the release date?



Scott (the second one)