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Recurring Billing/Subscription Integration to WordPress

I set up merchant account system and it is working fine. Client wants me to add subscription (Reurring billing) and I'm having real trouble.  I've read everything and watched a hundred videos and can't even figure out where to start.  A programmer friend send me a link to a YouTube video (that's supposed to be for an plugin) but I can't find that interface shown in the video.  The interface in the video is no where to be found in the settings area of either the "" plugin settings NOR the " - a Visa solution" plugin settings (which incidently are exacty the same so I'm not sure why they told us to use the " a Visa solution" plugin for subscriptions). If  I could find the interface shown in this video I think i'd be fine but it's not anywhere in either of those settings menus of those two plugins.  Here's the link to that YouTube video;  IN THERE it shows an easy to use, intuitive menu that I think I can figure out IF I COULD JUST FIND IT!  Does anyone know where it is?  (btw I do not have an line item in the left hand black bar in the backend of WordPress as shown in this video....I have to go to the pluglins page and select "settings' under each plugin to get into the settings).