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@ohoppe Thank you for your API documentation feedback, it's very helpful.


I'd like to provide a bit of context for the In-Person SDK page. That page was created with a presumption that developers would naturally go to the SDK pages on GitHub and see the individual documentation in the files. I'm sorry to say that presumption doesn't really stand, as you've rightly called out. Developers deserve a clear path to the documentation they need.

We're adding direct links to the files, and they'll be in the orange Resources bar near the top of the page. That should make it a bit more clear where developers should go if they need more details. We have a new documentation release in about two weeks, at which point the links will be live on the page.


Your comments -- and comments from others -- are really valuable to us. They start conversations about how we can make our documentation better for our partner developers, and we're truly grateful for them. Again, thank you.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.

I am working on editing the credit card expiration date. With current API, along with editing the expirtion date, other options are provided to the end user to register new card. Is there anyway we could disable or not show any other links other than allowing user to edit the card expiration date?


  I have been looking at the in person sdk readme and it isn't as informative as the API Reference Guide The API Reference Guide has input and output values and what each method does but the in person sdk readme seems to be lacking information. For example method "void requestSelectApplication(List<string> appList);" is mentioned to be one of startQuickChipWithoutUI's listener methods but it doesn't mention what it does or if it is always called when startQuickChipWithoutUI is called. Is there more informative documentation for windows in person sdk?


All in all a very disappointing experience so far with this In-Person SDK for Android. Tried 3 different Android tablets with different (recent) Android versions and it would not work. You have no choice of hardware and the provided hardware only works (or tries to work) with the Audio plug which is apparently not well supported (yet) by computing devices for data transfer. And you cannot use it with a desktop PC running Linux which is not so uncommon in the POS world. And you seemingly cannot customize the UI or integrate it with your already existing UI. And the documentation is apparently lacking, far behind the API Reference.


This means in turn that has to be able to take the encrypted data, along with some key that's set using a totally separate process and stored internally on their end, and decrypt it. While there is a field in the CNP API for specifying a device, as far as I know, there is no support for proprietary decryption of this sort.




Thanks for sharing this valuable information with API Features documentation. website 


You won't get any other custom fields for these APIs other than what is documented in the XSD for it .

Any reasons for not using our SDKs for it ? it will be much easier for you . Thanks

Thanks, found this helpful. Related question: Do you have any favorite 3rd party API documentation tools which can nicely display the endpoint description, code snipets, and navigation for a website  developer module?