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ARB API Getting subscriber's last payment transaction

I am using ARB to process my payments the thing here is that my SilentPost was not working for 1 week because of some fatal errors on my server so therefore all the transactions that were made from Authorize.Net were not recorded in my database.

I just wanted to know if there is a way to get a subscriber's last payment transaction using AuthnetARB.

I know there's this part of the ARB API called ARBGetSubscriptionStatusRequest which I can call, the problem with this is it only returns this values:



<ARBGetSubscriptionStatusResponse xmlns:xsi="
XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd=""


As you can see there's no part where it tells me how much the subscriber paid and the payment date. I wanted those information since for me those are the most important.

I also found this link, but I think that is not ARB API, because that is Merchant Web Services API. I'm not just sure.

Anyway, I am looking for an ARB API that asks for a subscriber ID since I am storing the subscriber ID in my database, then returns the amount and payment date. Is there a way to do that?


Your help would be greatly appreciated!




The ARBGetSubscriptionStatus API only tells you the status of your subscirptions, it will not give you details like payment amount or intervals. You can use the Transaction Details API since this includes ARB transactions as well.
Administrator Administrator

Is there an example where ANT is used to obtain the ARB details?  I have the ARB working as required along with the getstatus. As the previous member indicated,   I want to be able to obtain the current payment sequence when I do the getstatus.  I briefly read the ANT doc but do not see where the subscriber_id ties into the ANT API.