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ARB API Scenario Feasibility Questions

Hi Everyone. Our company currently is using the AIM API for making credit card payments and refunds. Now, we're R&Ding the ARB, CIM, and Transaction Detail APIs to see what capabilities are there using our test account.


So far, everything has been going great. We can create, update and cancel ARB subscriptions, get the email notifications, create and update customer profiles, and get transaction detail, etc. However, we have a couple of questions regarding the feasibility of doing the following actions using the APIs alone:


  1. Can a credit card payment be made from an existing credit card payment solely using the transaction id and without CIM? I.E. Using an existing transaction id, can a new credit card transaction be placed without knowing the card number, address etc and not using CIM? From all my research in the community and docs, this doesn't seem possible.
  2. Similar to #1, using just the APIs, can an ARB subscription be made from an existing credit card transaction only? The merchant gateway has this capability. When a credit card transaction detail is opened, there's a "Create ARB Subscription from Transaction" link. From the research performed, this doesn't seem possible.
  3. Without using the CIM but using other APIs, can a regular one-time credit card payment be created from an existing ARB subscription without providing the credit card information? From the research performed, this doesn't seem possible.


2)nope not thru api, but look like you did find it in the merchant account transaction detail to do that.




That's what I expected. Thank for the quick confirmation.