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URGENT: Charged twice but payment captured ONCE

Hi team,

In our VB.NET project, we've encountered issues randomly where users make a transaction through Authorize.Net for the first time, but it isn't captured in our system. Subsequently, they try a second time, and the transaction is captured in our system, resulting in the user being charged twice.

To replicate this scenario, we applied filters on the Authorize.Net sandbox account to generate transactions in various states, including Authorized/Pending Review, Pending Review, and Declined.

It's worth noting that in our codebase, we handle transactions based on the transactionID, and if TransID > 0, our system records the payment.

We urgently need guidance on how to address this issue and implement best practices to handle such scenarios. Resolving this problem is a top priority for us. 

I have posted a similar question on the Developer Forum on 02/23/23. Please have a look at the same

Please let me know if you have any questions or need extra information.
Thank you!