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ARB Question: Is this possible?

We're in the process of integrating ARB with our website. Before starting out, I wanted to know whether this is possible:


1) Processing multiple recurring products at the same time. Our site has several subscription-based products. I can show on our shopping cart the multiple recurring products that have been added. But on payment to, will it allow to process each product separately?


2) The status of every payment needs to be updated and posted to our site automatically. For example, if the payment fails in the second month, the subscription at the shop's backend should reflect that.


3) Is it possible to allow customers to upgrade/downgrade indiviual subscriptions from the backend? For example, if a customer is paying $10 per month today, he wants to upgrade his service to the $15 one, can he do that? And if in the case of downgrade i.e. when a customer decided to downgrade from $10 to $5 per month, wuld that be possible to process?


Please let me know! If someone is confident that he can do the above, I'm willing to pay for that service too.






Hi zincked,


1. Each product will process separately if you create separate ARB subscriptions for each product that your customer purchases.


2. You can enable a Silent Post URL in your Authorize.Net account to send a real-time transaction responses for each transaction that processes through your account including ARB subscriptions. An ARB subscription transaction response would include two identifying fields, which are documented in the ARB Subscription Guide located at, that will identify the subscription ID and the interval number of the subscription. If you elect to use a Silent Post URL for this purpose it should be able to accept the transaction response within 2 seconds, which means that you shouldn't have any other processes running on the page other than capturing the response in order to prevent your server from being unable to accept the response when it is sent. ARB subscription transactions begin processing at approximately 2am Pacific time on their scheduled payment date(s) and will run until they have all completed in the system which can sometimes take several hours.


3. You can update the amount using the ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest function. The only amount you cannot adjust a subscription to is $0.00 unless the payment you are trying to edit is scheduled as a trialOccurrence.



Thank you,



Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor