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ARB Silent Post non-SSL URL not called

Hi Everyone,


I have a problem were my silent post URL is not called at all. The format of the URL is:


I saw another post with the same problem. But there, the problem is SSL URL. Mine is non-SSL URL.


I also spoke to the chat but they say there is nothing wrong on their side. I am thinking is the NVPs in the URL causing any problems? I can't think of anything else. Can anyone help me out?


Thank you,

Vishnu N


Silent post is just like relay response. Set it as a AIM relay reponse and see if you are getting error.

and see this




I have set up the Relay response and I will monitor that to see if i get response.

To confirm:

If I am not wrong, replay response does not work for ARB. It works for SIM(I use AIM as well as ARB) and simple checkout as mentioned in the link that you have provided. So I should be looking out for a new payment made at my site and see if i get a relay response. Right?


Thank you,

Vishnu N

Relay response don't work with ARB, only API that do real time transaction SIM, DPM, or simple checkout too.

Yup. You can only use those to test relay response.

Thank you. II had the URL in relay response since last reply to this tread but till now that URL was never called. Is there anything else that I can check?

Did you use the relay response with a SIM or DPM?

I tried with SIM. Anything else I can check?


Thank you.

and you getting error? or it works?



The URL never gets called. As soon as it is accessed, i am suppose to get an email. I can access teh URL from the browser directly and that triggers the email but no emails because of AUthorize's call. Authorize doesn't call the URL at all.


Vishnu N

What is the URL?