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ARB and CIM are they interchangeable?

Hi all,

I have recently taken over development work for a startup insurance company and we are already using the CIM to process payments and want to start a recurring payments system.  Is ARB an add-on "like" product for the CIM or is it a separate system all together.  Our system was built on Ruby on Rails by another developer and I have been trying to decide whether to write my own automated billing system using our database and RoR or use ARB; but I haven't been able to find any documentation to clarify.

I have skimmed the API documentation for ARB and CIM but found no clear answer.

Any ideas?


Hey Natron,


ARB and CIM are currently two completely separate systems. You cannot use the data in CIM for ARB or vice versa. However, if you're already using CIM, then you may wish to use it for your recurring billing. CIM requires more work on your end as you will have to come up with a scheduler that will call the CIM API to charge the customer’s profile for each scheduled payment. But it may be better--since you're already using it, there would be no additional fees and you'd have more flexibility in the recurring payment options for your customers. You may want to check out the ARB vs. CIM blog post for a quick overview on when you'd want to use each service. 





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