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ARB for $0

Is it possible to submit an ARB request with a 0-dollar amount?  In my particular case, I need to submit the ARB but do not want the customer to be billed right away.  I'll explain my situation:


1.  customer creates a product online

2.  product design is submitted to the system for approval

2a. ARB is sent to Authorize.NET

3.  product design is either approved or denied

3a.  if approved, the customer's ARB would go into effect

3b.  if denied, the customer's ARB would be cancelled


I don't want to store the credit card information in our system, so as not to subject ourselves to PCI compliance.  Therefore, I do not have the ability to send the initial ARB request when the design is approved, since I haven't stored the customer's payment information.  I only have the payment information when they initially created the design.


Is it possible to submit an ARB request in a pending status, so that the customer won't be billed until I give the go-ahead?  If not, is the 0-dollar amount possible?


Your help is greatly appreciated!


If you know what day the approval or rejection will take place in advance, you can schedule the subscription to start on that day and cancel the subscription if rejected.  It is not possible to delay the subscription until an unknown date in the future.

Administrator Administrator

We have a similar issue where we have an unknown period of time where someone has to accept/reject an billing request and also set the billing date. We don't know this at the time when the customer is providing their CC information. What did you do as a solution? Are you able to use a $0 transaction and then update the subscription information at the time of approval/rejection?


Since no transaction would be run when you setting up the ARB, you could set it to start from a future date. And change it once you know the real start date. same with the $, set it to something and change it later.