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ARB free trail period vs later start date

I need to make the following system:

14 day free trial

Single payment after 14 day trial


So the way I see it there are two options:

1- Make a subscription with a total of 2 occurances starting when the customer signs up and billing every two weeks. The amount would be the amount of the payment and there would be a trial amount of 0 and 1 trial occurance.


2- Make a subscription with 1 occurance, no trail period but with a start date 14 days after the customer signs up.


Which of these would be better?


2. I don't think you can do an amount of 0.


2 will not have an amount of 0.

Option 2 is just a delayed transaction to simulate a trial period

Sorry, I mean you can do #2 but not #1 because you can't do amount of 0.

oh but you can. It's even in one of the examples in the documentation.

I have a problem with later start date. I set start date later 2 weeks ( now adddays 2 weeks), but after I create subscription, I post to /transact.dll, user still charge money and received reciept page. Set start date later 2 weeks is working or not?