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ARB get cancelled/declined payments?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know how it is possible to tell if a payment was cancelled or declined on for the ARB system. I created an entire framework (based on the ARB PDF manual) that allows the users to create, update, and cancel subscriptions through a website I am developing for a customer. With this, I also added a function that uses the "subscription status" XML to get the subscription status.

When I get the status of a cancelled order ordered, however, it just says "Ok" for the response code from (unless it didn't count as cancelled yet). If a subscription has a declined payment or was cancelled, I would like to have a way to find that out to update our website. They should not be able to access their products on the website I am working on if their subscription is cancelled or declined payment. Does anyone know how to do this or if it is possible? 


Another thing, I wanted to know if it was possible to get which customers were billed for the day with ARB? LIke, I wanted to run a cronjob that checks once a day in PHP to do this. I tried using the ANet PHP SDK with the "get daily transactions" bit and it doesn't return anything. Maybe the order status is also possible with this framework but I haven't figured out how to do it. Thanks!



Hi etbwebdesign,


It sounds like you may be looking at the resultCode for your ARBGetSubscriptionStatus request. A resultCode of "Ok" only indicates whether your request was successful. In this case, it means that the subscription was located and that a status was determined, but it's important that you look at the "status" element to find the current status of the subscription.


For your last question, you can run to get a list of all transactions at the end of the day using our Transaction Details API. You can identify ARB transactions from the existence of a subscription ID.




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