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ARB subscription plan upgrade


1. If I have, for example, 2 suscription plans: Basic (20$/mnth.) and Standard (50$/mnth.) and customer who subscribed for Basic plan on Jan 1 decided to upgrade on Jan 15 how can I exclude remaining 10$ from his first payment for the new plan? What is the recommended way for doing that using the ARB API?

2. I work for a company which owns several websites on different servers. Can the same ID / key be used on multiple sites?

3. Is SSL required for ARB API to work?

Thanks in advance!

1)depend how you want to setup the monthly plan. You can read the ARBUpdateSubscription in the documentation, but there isn't a easy way to do it in the middle of a schedule interval.

If you going to setup a new plan starting on the 15th? do a AIM credit or $10.

If you going to change the plan to $50/month but keep the same date as 1st. do a AIM charge for $15.


2)As long as it for the same company, you can use it for mulitple sites.


3)Yes, while ARB run on your backend server, the website will need SSL for customer to enter their credit card info.