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Accept Hosted Payment, save payment method not triggering PaymentMethod.Created webhook Bug?

I'm using a combination of Accept Hosted pages for our customers to manage their payment profiles as well as the webhooks to make sure we don't miss a payment notification or payment method create/delete/update notification. 


However, when a user uses the Accept Hosted Payment form, and the "addPaymentProfile" parameter is set to true allowing our users to save the new payment method to their customer profile, the "net.authorize.customer.paymentProfile.created" webhook is not being triggered.  


Is this a bug?  Am I missing something in the documentation?


The webhook is triggering if a user adds a payment method using the Accept Hosted Manage form.  Additionally, the webhook for the payment is triggering from the payment form, but no notification of the profile being created.


Hi natebrdev


We will require more information from you, such as the account you are using, whether it is a Production or Sandbox environment account, an example of both the Accept Hosted and Accept Customer requests with the sensitive data like your Transaction Key and any PAN data masked or removed, etc. All of these should be provided to our Customer Support team for further review in order to provide you with an adequate response and none of this information should be provided in detail in a forum. 


Please visit and choose the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page to obtain the phone number for your region, or use the "Sign In" link to login to your account and submit a Support Case from the "Contact Us" link provided to you once you are logged into your Production Merchant Interface (Sandbox accounts won't have this option). 


Once we have this information we will review your issue in detail and advise further.


Thank you,




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