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Accept Hosted form does not include amount

What option(s) do i need to use for the hosted form in order to get the amount and/or billing fields to show up?


I had to show the amount, logos, etc. in my pop-up window before the <iframe> that contains the Auth.Net stuff.  Authorize.Net itself doesn't provide any such capability, it seems.  I actually print a warning message to impatient people since the processing takes so long, as follows:


Do not close your browser window until your payment of $5.00 is fully processed.  Your transaction is not complete until a confirmation is displayed here.


People were actually closing the window containing the Auth.Net iframe before processing finished, which means that the Communicator page wasn't there to catch the transaction reponse, etc. etc.  Fun!





This is easily accomplished by setting the hostedPaymentOrderOptions setting "show" value to true. You can also add fields for taxes and shipping. 

Ah yes, you are correct.  Apologies, my memory was from an earlier iteration of the sdk I think.  I was able to add the amount and other info later in the development process.  My main point was the extra text I had to put in to combat over-zealous users .. !!