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Accept Hosted form use web hooks or API reporting

I am using the Accept Hosted Form via the iframe method. I have had to abandon this due to browsers disabling iframes.


My purchase process requires authorized transactions before the order can be processed.


How often does webhooks send it's information to the endpoint?


I need to wait for the notification before continueing with the purchase.


I also wrote a process that queries the last 20 transaactions for my order.


This process takes a few seconds for the transaction to be found.


Is this OK to use the API reporting calls for this or should I use webhooks?




Hi @gman11980


The webhooks notifications will be send for each payment events and  will be near real time meaning there can be some delays  in the events generation  and notification send based on  current system load . 


You can use a hybrid approach where you can wait to recieve the webhook notification for X interval and fall back to use the API to query in cases webhooks is not recieved within that time interval  . 



Hope it helps !!! 

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